At IRON MEDICINE we integrate Western and Eastern medical knowledge and techniques to create a top tier, fully comprehensive level of treatment.

We utilize a Four Pillars approach using acupuncture, physical manipulations, herbs, and exercise to access the body on multiple levels and bring about therapeutic and / or functional change. We view the body as a single, functioning unit. This includes looking at every area of your life if necessary, such as sleep, diet, and habitual movements, to name a few.

At IRON MEDICINE we believe in contributing to a health care system that is convenient, effective, and sustainable. Access to high quality food, effective health care, and fitness culture are the foundation for good health and well being. We promote local food systems that deal in pastured animal and organic plant foods. We also work with other health and fitness professionals in a collaborative effort to give you access to what you need to achieve optimal health.

Do you have pain?

Whether it’s chronic or acute conditions, treatment is available to help increase functionality and decrease pain. We examine meridians, fascia, and other body tissue to correct imbalances and improve posture, movements, and overall health. Simply massaging where it hurts can be insufficient as there are numerous factors involved with almost every state of dysfunction and illness. Treatment helps you form a better picture of your state of health.

Want to move with less restriction?

Everyone has their areas of tightness. Self-maintenance through stretching, mobilizing, and yoga classes can be essential depending on your lifestyle but having someone else work on you can quickly bring about a much deeper and longer lasting change….plus, you don’t have to do any work!

Have another health concern?

Your practitioner may be able to help you with issues such as: body composition (fat to muscle ratio), sleep problems, digestive issues, seasonal allergies, and more!

Joseph Paul Bianculli

Licensed Acupuncturist and practitioner of East Asian Medicine

His journey into health and wellness started 12 years ago and he’s been licensed since 2012. He has training in all 4 Pillars of East Asian Medicine and focuses on Sports, Orthopedics, Digestion, Emotional Well-being, and Environmental and Seasonal Allergies. All 4 Pillars include: acupuncture and tool medicine, herbs and diet, physical manipulations, and Qigong (therapeutic exercises and breath work). He went to school in NY and has studied under various high level practitioners.

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